NEW BOOK about an academic surgeon’s volunteer work in the Heart of Darkness         

ISBN 0-9669305-0-9, April, 2000, 346 pp., 16 pp. color. $ 15.95 + $ 3.20 S&H.

Read about a surgeon’s medical volunteerism in providing medical services to a remote village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn about what it takes to practice complex surgeries in an underdeveloped nation. Available through local bookstores, Internet bookstores, or direct from the publisher. Send check or money order payable to: Three Hawks Publishing LC, 1300 Bishop Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302.

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Glenn Geelhoed offers readers a rare and memorable glimpse in le vrai Afrique—‘the real Africa’—with the authority of one who has first-hand experience. Out of Assa is a story full of tenderness, wit, and above all, compassion for the joys and sorrows of life in rural Africa. Geelhoed’s adventures, misadventures, and insights into life in the heart of Africa animate this distant land and its wonderful people. He leaves you feeling as if you have taken the journey with him.”      David Goodman, author of Fault Lines: Journeys Into the New South Africa

Dr. Glenn W. Geelhoed has shown in this book that the real treasures in life are available in the life of learning the unknown itself. In sharing his medical experience in Assa, a Congolese village in Central Africa, he reveals what life’s adventure is all about—a healing experience of the highest inspiration for all who wish to embrace the transforming power of giving one’s self, heart and mind for the right cause, and the wealth of nourishment in learning from and with the poor, the destitute, and the neglected.” 

 ***** A great hands-on read for aspiring …physicians April 21, 2000 Reviewer: Semper Fidelis from New York, New York. An anonymous, five-star review posted at