The Oldest Stone Masonry Construction on Earth
King Dhozer's Step Pyramid at Sakhara, Egypt

The Step Pyramid of King Djoser is the world's first stone building and is much older than the Pyramids of Giza to which it was the precursor. It is further up the Nile in Egypt near the ancient capital of Memphis. I had been under ground once before in King Djoser's burial vault about fifteen years earlier, and had studied up a bit in the interval about the unique murals, hieroglyph and frescos in these 5 millennia old buildings preserved in the desert air. One of the eerie parts is to recognize the esteem in which King Djoser held his surgeon, so much so that his surgeon, and all his family were consigned to a burial vault right next to the king under the Step Pyramid and its many layers of desert sand, a great honor even if somewhat premature in the latters' cases. But for the mark of respect, I would prefer to let nature take its own individual courses in it's own sweet time.