In Pursuit of Greater Kudu
Through the Namib Desert of Nabibia:
Leopards and I as Hunter-Gatherers

The Hunter-Gatherer is seen here on safari through the Great Namib Desert on return from the successful stalk of the Greater Kudu in Namibia. You may see the trophy that eventually returned from Windhoek in the Hunting Experiences, but an even more fascinating story is recorded in the sands under foot at the site of this picture. We had followed the spoor of two leopards who had come upon a zebra colt at this edge of the bush. Cutting the colt off from the zebra herd when it tried to run out into the desert sand, the leopards had run it down and then stood off the stallions of the herd before dragging it up into the tree at the rear of the picture. Once in Botswana's Okavango Delta, I had come upon a full size Kudu bull hanging ten meters up in a tree; imagine the feline power that can enable the cat to climb vertically carrying four times its own weight!

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