My name is Glenn Geelhoed, and I am a professional hunter-gatherer!

In the photojournalists' terms used by National Geographic photographers, a good picture "should tell a story." If you care to click on any of the images you see in this "Home Page of a Hunter-Gatherer," you may see a much more detailed picture and learn some of the stories behind each image. Click away, and enjoy the trip!

I am a surgeon in George Washington University at the George Washington University Medical Center where I am active in International Medical Education. If you would like to know a bit about my academic background, you might peek at a brief Bio sketch that is available to you or glance over a more unabridged Curriculum Vitae or Bibliography or a series of my Presentations.

I am continuing as both a GW University Professor and as a graduate student candidate for the Ph.D. in Human Sciences at George Washington University.

I have returned recently, once again, from Out of Africa, where I have continued working--this time supported as the Senior Fulbright Scholar for the African Regional Research Program.

If you enjoy global adventure travel experiences, or are interested in personal details or wish to scan several of the recent experiences through stories and pictures of a few of them, you might click on the Personal Pages, Travels, or Adventures series.

I have assembled and updated this "Home Page" as a web site that might help maintain communication connectivity as I am wandering around the orbit of our nation's capital or in often remote areas far afield. I enjoy sharing these experiences as a storyteller with a few insights I may have been able to gather through these unique "windows on the world" collected as a photo- journalist and world-class wool-gatherer. For these purposes, I will be carrying my ThinkPad and attempting to modem from exotic locations through my e-mail or WWW addresses, as I continue in "surgical explorations".

But all technology, high or low, is fallible, and in the Third World Cybervacuum a PHONE is an advanced technologic marvel, if functioning, let alone virtual unreality, so with patient open-minded enthusiasm for what we might learn together, come along as fellow travelers through the Cyberspace, as I continue picaresque peripatetics from Maryland to Madagascar.

There are rather different ambivalent approaches to the insecurity of launching into the unknowns that may confront us. In contrast to Joseph Conrad's Kurtz's last impression of the "Heart of Darkness" ("Oh, the Horror! The Horror!"), I would like to propose another perspective: "Oh, the Wonder! The Wonder!"

"The real tragedy of human life is not so much what men suffer, as what they miss."

Thomas Carlyle


"We seek around us the wonders that lie within; there is all Africa and her prodigies within us."

Sir Thomas Browne
Religion Medicine, 1568

Try not to miss much--this is not pre-life!


Glenn W. Geelhoed, AB, BS, MD, MA, DTMH, MPH, MA, FACS
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