Following their June wedding at Evans' Farm Inn in Vienna, Virginia, Michael and Judy moved to San Antonio where Judy began her post in St. Mary's University Dean's office and Michael started up in graduate school at the University of Texas. Michael's father was a frequent visitor in the first years driving down Judy's car in the first summer and visiting from meeting hotel bases as they moved from campus to their own house. This was the occasion for Donald's first visit with his Texas Bro', and they called me from San Antonio as I arrived "Out of Africa" and "into Boston" to wish me good speed for the 1996 100th Running of the Boston Marathon.

I had gone with Michael on his first visit to San Antonio before he knew he would be later living there, and we did the standard River Walk tour and went to see the Alamo and the movie made about it. The movie version of this myth-making passed off as glorious history is not troubled by any shades of grey that might disturb the black and white theme of Texas patriotism at this old chapel, now explicitly marked as a "Shrine to Patriotism" by the DAR whose volunteers run it. If you would like to read a re-take on the glorious history of this misty memory event, read HREF "The Alamo--Remember?" HREF Most great heroes are constructs of faulty memories combined with quite otherwise contemporary agendas.