The bearers of Amiot Champagne, after a long time sampling in the Amiot caves along the Loire Valley

We had a wonderful trip along the Loire Valley before the wedding bells started breaking up the usual traveling troubadours. We had lived a s "troglodytes" and had gone to the vintners' caves along the Loire Valley in sampling the wares they had to show us which of their finest we should really have for Michael's wedding, which was planned for the June that followed our springtime trip to France.

This group of expert sommeliers appears to have come to a definitive conclusion on the superiority of Amiot Vieuvre ("The Old Widow's) champagne. We made the purchase after very careful consideration, considering all alternatives in adequate samplings of the options, so you see us here in the full confidence of having made the right decision. Not only was the champagne a success at the time of the rehearsal and wedding, but the few bottles that escaped are being forwarded for celebration of significant anniversaries!