We three troubadours are spotted here in France on the pivotal occasion of the last trek of the bachelors as Michael was planning his wedding with Judy. We planned, what would be called "the bridal flight" in entomology, in a first class rendezvous heading toward Tours, France. The ostensible excuse for this last trip as the bachelors three was to select and carry back the champagne for the wedding from the vintners along the Loire, and that we did. We visited quite a few of these establishments, and lived as the local inhabitants did--quite some long time ago!

We were troglodytes--cave dwellers. Along the Loire Valley there are many limestone caves that served as prehistoric dwellings, now gentrified as unique tourist hotels or as storehouses for aging the wines from the Loire Valley vintners. We adjourned from the Chateau Chenonceau, on the Rue Cher, as you see here, and went "cave-crawling" down the "Vallee des Rois" along the Loiretals. We visited the "Sleeping Beauty Castle" at Usse, and Loches, Saumur, Bagneux, Tours, and the troglodytes finally wound up at Veuvre Amiot caves in Saumur where the champagne tastings and purchases were made, and we retreated unsteadily back to our cave.

Ah, those French troglodytes, they are so civilized!