Personal Pages

Personal and professional interests have been interwoven in my career, as they are in all other professionals. The only honest answer to the question: "How are you able to carry on the activities of several simultaneous lifetimes?" is "Not very well, thank you, but I am still trying!"

There are several areas precious to each one of us that we would rather not compromise, and that has been true for me in several activities you may also see spilling over into the Adventures and Travels sections as well; but personal parts of this story that are publically available include my Family, my interests as Writer --which may include some components of my published Bibliography -- as well as my enthusiasm for Photojournalism and personal evolution in my career in Medicine and Health. You may open any of these chapters, and subsections in each of the others as well, by clicking on the highlighted text which may take you on a personal photojournalism tour. Click away!