I travel like an excited squid--leaving a cloud of ink behind me in my wake!

Along the way, I write: notes, long letters in descriptive travelogs, essays on what I have learned or observed that has yet to be understood, and perhaps my highest art form--the post card!

I hope the electronics that have made it possible for you to be reading these lines may diminish the risk of the imploding collapse of my household under the collective weight of maps, notes, xerography, photo albums, slide files, audio and videotapes and travelogs generated along the way!

As you may have already guessed from the Home Page format, I am also a rather dedicated amateur photographer, especially fond of wildlife shots, and have a large vault of documentary photography in recording the changing world. I can often furnish those who request it reasonably organized unguided tours through collections of print photos in indexed albums or cross-referenced slide shows as well as the literary narratives of places and people for which others are whetting their anticipation of their next voyage into the unknown--or as a substitute therefore. This allows the discretionary sampling of places some would rather not be--the beauties of Alaskan summer without the mosquitos or winter without the wind-chill. And since the travelog comes self-guided without the narrator's presence, most evaluative judgements remain with the viewer. To quote a Woody Allen line: "I am trying to develop a lifestyle that does not require my presence;" perhaps this can help!