I was born in Michigan where most all of my family still lives now. My father just recently died in his 98th year while in full control of his faculties, pumping his bicycle 8 to 10 miles daily within a few miles of each of my three sisters. Even in the final week of his very healthy life, he was happily looking forward to the coming year, when each of his four children were expecting a new grandchild--a "Great Grand Slam" for Great Grand Dad! Read "What a Wonderful Life!"

In the three decades since graduation from the University of Michigan Medical School, I lived several years in Boston while at Harvard's teaching hospitals and have been in Maryland ever since. I live in a brick house in deep woods in Derwood, Montgomery County, Maryland, a Washington, D. C. Suburb, the headwaters of Rock Creek Park. At home my nearest neighbors are deer, owls and foxes, yet I commute 23 miles to my GWU office, where a near neighbor on Pennsylvania Avenue has to renew his office lease. I am able to travel more often, less conspicuously and much lighter than he can from our respective Foggy Bottom bases.