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2000 - 2005


January 19, ’01 “Millennium of Microbes, Century of Antibiotics, and Current Unsolved Problems in Surgical Infection,” University of Arizona Surgery Grand Rounds, Tucson, AZ

January 19 Round Table Discussion—Surgical residents Univ. of Az, Tucson, Az—“International Opportunities in the Developing World” Panos

February 25—27 Faculty development course: Johns Hopkins University CME and Kelleher and Associates, Pharmacia and Upjohn: Linezolide, Sawgrass Marriott, Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL

February 29 Charleston Area Medical Center (“CAMC”): “Management of Intra-Abdominal Sepsis;” “Nepal/Everest Travelog”—Surgical Staff Meeting at Cagney’s, Charleston, West Virginia

March 1 Marshall University Department of Medicine, Huntington, WV—“Thyroid Cancer, Staging and Treatment,” at Marshall University, Robert C. Byrd Rural Health Center, Huntington, WV

March 1 Medical Staff Meeting, Camden-Clark Hospital of Parkersburg, WV “Intra-Abdominal Sepsis Management” and “Himalayan High: A Trilogy of Treks and Medical Missions—Nepal,” at Clark-Camden Dinner Meeting, Parkersburg, WV

March 2 Marietta General Hospital CME Staff Meeting of the Medical Staff, Marietta, Ohio “Medical vs. Surgical Infection,” and “Nepal/Everest,” Marietta, Ohio

March 2 Ohio County Medical Society of Wheeling, WV at Wheeling Country Club: “Medical vs. Surgical Approaches to Hospital Acquired Infection,” and “Nepal/Everest” and “Medical Missions and Volunteerism,” Wheeling Country Club, Wheeling, WV

March 15—26 Visiting Professor St Elizabeth’s Hospital Medical Center,” “Multiple Endocrine Adenopathy,” Youngstown, Ohio

March 23—23 FDA Advisory Committee Hearings for release of Linezolide, Marriott Washingtonian Hotel, Gaithersburg, MD

April 15—16 AMAA meeting and 104th running of the Boston Marathon, Boston, MA

April 27 South African National Day, Invitation to participate at the Embassy of South Africa, Washington, DC

May 22—26 Millennium Meeting of Endocrine Surgeons, London/Lille connecting by Eurostar

June 7 Presentation for Noteworthy Medical Systems, Inc, Cleveland, OH

June 14 Attend Global health Council Annual Meeting, Alexandria, VA

June 27—28 “Toward a Higher Level of Abstraction,” NIH Conference on Behavioral and Social Sciences, NIH, Bethesda, MD

July 2—7 Chautauqua Institution Keynote Speaker in Thematic Week: Foundations of Change: Population, the Environment and Culture

July 5 My Chautauqua Lecture: “World Health: International Advocacy for a Global Patient Population”

July 17—31 Himalayan High-III Ladakh: Leh and Tso Morari, India

August 16-27 Arctic Exploration, Brooks Range, North Slope, Alaska; Trophy Dally Ram August 22 and Climb and Claim “Mount Geelhoed,” on the birth of Kacie E. Geelhoed

August 29—September 16 Pittsfield, MA, Denver, CO, then Moscow, Ost Komenogorsk, Kazakhstan: Explore the “High Altai,” Kazakhstan;
Trophy “Byk Moral,” Siberian Stag; lost in the High Altai, a Survival Experience, then collect trophy Roebuck

September 28 Receive the “Humanitarian of the Year” Award in first Annual “Citizens of the Year” Awards by George magazine, presented by colleague Dr. Alden Harken, with acceptance speech, Four Seasons, New York, NY

October 7 Present “Emerging Threat of Resistant Gram Positive Infections,” Avondale, Philadelphia, PA

October 11 “Hypertensive Cerebral Crisis” and “Carpal Tunnel Median Nerve” reviews, Southfield, MI

October 19 “Parathyroid Surgery,” Abernathy Symposium—University of Colorado Surgery Residents, Denver, CO

October 22—28 Clinical Congress of American College of Surgeons, Chicago, IL

October 25 Plenary Panel: “Training for Unmet Surgical Needs Worldwide,” Present to 650 surgeons with Q & A, audiotaped in McCormack Place, Chicago, ACS Clinical Congress

October 29 “Linezolide Therapy of Resistant Gram Positive Surgical infections,” Baltimore, MD at PSI Net Stadium, Hospitality Tent

November 3 International Society for Panetics Annual Meeting at the Board of Governors, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC

November 8 “Opportunities for medical Volunteer Service Abroad,” Lecture to Primary Care Society and International Health Group GWUMC to PA, MPH, MD students, Washington, DC

November 9 “New Directions in Surgical Infection,” Cherry Valley Lodge, New Albany/Dublin, Ohio

November 10 Make Rounds at OSU Medical Center and at Mount Carmel Hospital, Columbus Ohio

Presentation on “Surgical Sepsis and its Management,” Worthington, Inn, Columbus, OH

November 15 Grand Rounds, Prince Georges County Hospital, “Emerging Threat of Resistant Gram Positive Infection,” Cheverly, MD

January 1---December 31, 2001

January 26—February 11 Antarctic Marathon and Exploration of the Seventh Continent, Antarctica

March 2 SOCOMED Seminar: “Metabolic Maladaptation” discussing endemic goiter in Mindanao Philippines at Marabel (Koronodal) Philippines, hosted by the South Cotabato Medical Society

March 14 “Acute Abdomen and Differential Diagnosis of Pancreatitis” Akron, Ohio

March 17 “Out of Assa: Heart of the Congo” Barnes and Noble, Potomac Yards, Alexandria, VA; “Meet the Author” Lecture and Book Signing

March 22-25 Visiting Professor: Berkshire Medical Center of the University of Massachusetts, Pittsfield, MA (videotaped)
“Endocrinology in the ICU Critical Care Setting”
“Intra-Abdominal Sepsis: Management and Prevention”
“Antarctica: Solid Water—Liquid Rock, in the Deep Freeze”

April 14 Give Lead-off presentation of the American Medical Athletic Association
Meeting in Boston, MA in conjunction with the 105th Boston Marathon
“The Runner’s Joint Cartilage: Can It Be Retained, Repaired, Replaced?”

April 20—May 4 Medical Mission to Dharamsala, India

May 10 Differential Diagnosis of Sepsis and Shock, Columbus, Ohio

June 19 Grand Rounds, Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Springs, MD (videotaped): “Management and Prevention of Endemic Goiter in Central Africa”

July 17—August 6 Himalayan Medical Mission to Ladakh: clinics in Thiksay, Tangste, Tso Morari, and Panamik from Leh, Ladakh, supervising team of 20 novice clinicians, in remote clinics with 1600 patients, lecturing daily with presentations

August 18—31 Explore Kamchatka volcanic wilderness, Eurasian Expeditions, Petropavlosk, Russia

September 11 GRAMEC Visiting Professorship canceled as I am eyewitness to hijacked airliner terrorist attack and crash at the Pentagon at my takeoff on multi-venue trip for visiting professorships and medical missions

September 12 Halsted Society and its presentations canceled by terrorism, Boston, MA

September 17—October 1 Delayed Himalayan Medical Mission to Spiti Valley and Manali: Fly through FRA—DEL—Chandrigarh—Simla—Manali to Kaza, Spiti, then Chandratal, Manali, MacLeod Ganj and Dharamsala, with multiple clinical demonstrations, Himachal

October 7-10 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons, New Orleans, LA
Present: “Acute Abdomen Around the World” at panel of the ACS International Committee, Keith Kelly, chair

Present: “Surgery Abroad: Mission and Mercy,” in panel chaired by John Woods, “Preparing Young Surgeons for Service Abroad”

October 19 “International Opportunities for Service Abroad,” University of Colorado Health Science Center, Denver, CO

October 30 Respond to Washington Post story about the Art Siegel data of my blood studies reported as marathon predisposes to heart attacks

November 1 Testify at the (re-named from HCPA) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies on Linezolide coding, Baltimore, MD

November 13 International Society for Panetics annual meeting: present “The Lion, the Pastor, and the Cretin: an African Study in the Causation of Disease”

November 28 “So you ant to be Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” Presentation to GWU medical students with reports of returning students from my Ladakh excursions of 2000 and 2001, Ross Hall, GWU

December 6—9 Visiting Professor Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, MA
Grand Rounds: “Surgical Sepsis,” Morbidity and Mortality Conference,
Case Presentations, “Surgical Endocrinology,” then “International Night: Medical Adventures in the Nigerian Bush”

January 1—December 31, 2002

January 15, ’02 MERC Visiting Professor, Michigan State University/Butterworth-Spectrum Hospital, named lectureship held in old Berkey and Gay refurbished furniture factory where my father began his career of work (!) attended at the lecture by all three of my sisters: “Endemic Hypothyroidism in Central Africa: Methods of Management and Prevention,” MERC, Grand Rapids, MI

January 16 “Surgical Infection and Its Prevention,”—All-City Combined Surgical Grand Rounds MSU/Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI

January 24-25 York Hospital Visiting Professorship and Surgical Grand Rounds: “Tropical Surgery, “ York Medical Center, York, PA

January 30—February 19 “Medical Mission to Mindanao-‘02”
Part A: Tboli patients at TECH, South Cotabato, Mindanao
Part B: BBH at Malaybalay, Bukidnon, and Cagayan de Oro
Present 50th Anniversary Celebration Lecture: “Tropical Surgery in Africa, to Compare with the Philippine Pacific” at BBH

February 18—March 8 “Medical Mission to Malawi-‘02”: Surgical and Medical work in Embangweni Hospital Malawi
Feb 28 “AIDS: Compare and Contrast US-Malawi Experience,” medical staff conference, Embangweni Hospital

March 12 National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Awards Banquet, with Chick Koop, Jimmy Carter, Bill and Melinda Gates, Capital Hilton

March 30 Cindy Galka “Author Interview,” for UMBC Journalism and Broadcast Course, Derwood, MD

April 10 “Ladakh and Malawi Medical Missions,” with Elizabeth Yellen and John Sutter, and city-wide invitation for student and graduate attendance, GWUMC

April 12—14 AMAA Meeting before the 106th Boston Marathon, Boston, MA

April 17—18 BioEthics Symposium at UVA BioEthics Center, “Ethical Implications of Interfering in Endemic Disease,” University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA

April 18—May 3 Medical Mission to Daharamsala-’02: Sherboling and Borat, Dharamsala, India

May 29 “Washington Report: New Approaches to Health Care Delivery in Micronesia,” with John Woodard and Bruce Best, broadcast SSB across Pacific

June 5 Microbiology and Tropical Medicine Symposium: “Interfering in Endemic Hypothyroidism: Are Medical Missions Always Beneficial or Might They Be Meddlesome and Maladaptive?” MTM GWU Faculty Symposium at Microbiology and Tropical Medicine

June 15 Visiting Professor Lecture on “Tropical Medicine and Surgery,” Indira Ghandi Medical Center, Simla, Himachal Pradesh, India

June 12—29 Medical Mission to Spiti-’02: Daily Lectures to students and residents on medical mission to Kinnaur, Spiti Valley, Manali, Dharamsala, India

July 20 Visiting Professor Lecture on “Goiter and Cretinism,” Leh Hospital, Leh, Ladakh

July 17—31 Daily lectures for medical students and residents in “Medical Mission to Ladakh-‘02”

July 31—August 22 “Medical Mission to Lingshed-’02,” with daily lectures to students and Ladakhi workers

September 5 “Treating Others:” Unsuccessful defense of PhD in Human Sciences Thesis Proposal

September 13 “Serpent Symbolism in Medicine: Heritage of Heresy?’ 76th Halsted Society Meeting, High Hampton, NC

September 14 “Opportunities for Surgical Service Abroad,” Keynote Speaker at Inaugural National Convention of the AST/CST/CFA (Association of Surgical Technologists,) Washington, DC

September 14 “Preparing to Go Abroad,” and “Panetics and Human Infliction,” AST Inaugural Meeting Special Session, national Convention Marriot Hotel, Washington DC

January 1—December 31, 2003

January 14, ’03 Tboli Evangelical Clinic and Hospital (TECH), Review and Update for Mindanao medical personnel, Edwards, South Cotabato, Mindanao, and Malaybalay and Hilongos Leyte, Philippines

February 12 Visiting Professorship of the University of Florida, Gainesville, FL: Present: “Medical Maladaptation and Meddlesome Mission Interventions: a Model of Medical Practice at Home and Abroad,” make NICU and ward rounds on the pediatric surgical services, Shands University of Florida Hospital

February 19 “Lessons Learned in the Premier Experience of the Medical Adventure Trek Among Tibetan Kashmiris in Lingshed-‘02” Interactive Audience presentation at REI outfitters, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA

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1995 - 1999

August—December 1997

August 2—14 Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Chimolo and Makaba, Zimbabwe

August 17—19 Orvis advanced Fly Fishing School Graduate Course, Manchester, Vermont

August 26 New GWU Graduate School year begins: Religion and Science 777, a course with University Professor Sayed Nassr for PhD in Human Sciences, final semesters

September 2 New Medical School year begins with meeting of Practice of Medicine student group I proctor throughout their four years as mentor

September 8 Medical School Convocation ceremonies and Julius Axelrod memorial dedication at GWUMC

September 15 “Management of Surgical Infectious Complications” Grand Rounds, Cabell Huntington Hospital of Marshall University, Huntington West Virginia

October 8 City Wide Grand Rounds and University of Massachusetts Visiting Professorship, Fallen Clinic, St. Vincent’s Hospital : “Goiter and Cretinism: Etiology, Epidemiology and Management,” Worcester, Mass.

Visiting Professorship Egyptian Universities, Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt

November 13 Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt “Newer Concepts in Management of Surgical Infection” Pyrimisa, Cairo

November 14 Alexandria University “Bacteremia vs Septicemia” at the Sheraton Montazah, Alexandria, University of Alexandria Faculty and Metropolitan members of the Alexandria Surgical Association, Alexandria, Egypt

November 20—23 Visiting Professor of the Bahamas Medical Association, Nassau, Bahamas

November 21 Princess Margaret Hospital, University of the West Indies, UWI Teaching Hospital Teaching Rounds, Nassau, Bahamas

November 22 Monsalla University Medical School, affiliated with the Monsalla India medical school with University of West Indies students having teaching conferences and residents eager to arrange repatriation from India

“Advances in Treatment and Prevention of Surgical Sepsis” Princess Margaret Hospital Department of Surgery, Third Annual Surgical Symposium, Nassau, Bahamas

December 18 “Thyroid and other Endocrine Problems in Surgery” St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Medical Center, Northeast Ohio College of Medicine, Youngstown, Ohio


January 13 “History and National Mythologies” Human Science course begins new GWU semester

January 15 Analysis of Home and Market Linguistics Color Anthropology data from Bangala and Pazande origins from my Zaire field work, University of Pennsylvania Department of Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA

January 20 POM—“Practice of Medicine” freshman medical school GWUMC semester begins

January 30 Begin Human Sciences thesis work with a new thesis advisory committee, hypothesis and preliminary data analysis, GWU

February 2 Twentieth BVI Medical Symposium, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, Opening Plenary Session Presentation: “Plagues and Pestilences in Human History: A Model for the Current AIDS Pandemic” Tortola, BVI

February 7 “Fine French Wine and Adultery: The Longest Environmental Toxicity Epidemic in Human History” Closing Session of the 20th BVI Medical Symposium, Tortola, BVI

February 12 Washington Academy of Surgery, Cosmos Club, move the consolidation with the ACS Washington DC Chapter, Washington DC

February 15 Murdock Head Memorial Session, Airlie House, International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Warrenton, VA

February 18 International Society of Panetics Board of Directors Meeting, Planning Annual Meeting Program, Cosmos Club, Washington DC

February 20—28 All work completed for week long Surgical Symposium sponsored by Azerbaijan Health Ministry, Baku, Azerbaijan---canceled at departure by new unrest in Armenia-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh

March 3—8 International Health Medical Education Consortium Seventh Annual IHMEC Congress, San Jose Costa Rica

March 16 Fulbright Association of National Capital Chapter Meeting, elected President-elect, Blackie’s Restaurant, Washington DC

March 19—21 Work on American Anthropology Association Abstract and Thesis Hypothesis generation Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Visit with Dr. Charles Clark, Princeton University, Neshanic Station, NJ

March 27—28 Visiting Professor University of West Virginia, Charleston, WV
“Ciguatera: Danger Lurks Along the Reef” Medical Grand Rounds
“Goiter and Cretinism Management” Surgery Grand Rounds
“Plagues and Pestilences in HIV and History,” City Wide Conference, Charleston, WV

April 8—14 Red Deer, Banff, Alberta, Canada—visit New Life Church community

April 19—23 American Medical Athletic Association 29th Annual Meeting. Present “Out of Africa;” the 102nd running of the Boston Marathon

April 27—28 6th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Panetics, Present “The Unforeseen Consequences of Medical Intervention” and chair panel discussion

April 28 Present “Icons, Emblems and Anthems: Chickens or Eggs of Nationalism?” History, Myth and Nation, GWU

April 30—May 3 Visiting Professor University of Massachusetts at the Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

May 1 “The Pre-, Post-, and Halstedian History of Surgical Rubber Gloves: The Priority Claims in the History of Ideas;” Case Presentations, M & M Conference, Resident Rounds

May 2 “William Beaumont and the Origin of Gastric Physiology, as well as America’s first Scientific Discovery;” Case presentations and Residents’ Exercises

May 11 Linguistic Anthropology: Methodology Search and Bibliographic work on thesis proposal, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

May 11—13 COPS Ultra Run, Philadelphia to Washington, DC

May 15 Final Written Comprehensive PhD Examinations in Human Sciences—passing with distinction into ABD Stage of PhD

Birth of my first Grandchild, Grandson Andrew William Geelhoed

May 20—26 Visit UTHSCSA for my son Michael’s graduation with Masters in Physical Therapy, San Antonio, Texas

May 29 Oral Examination with a Proposed Dissertation Committee of the Human Sciences—written examination passed, but controversy as to constituency and topics of thesis

June 3-4 Visiting Professor, Michigan State University, McLaren Hospital, Flint Michigan
“William Beaumont and Surgical Research”
“William Halsted and Clinical Gimmicks in Surgery”

June 5—9 University of Colorado—daily ICU Ward Rounds and discussions with residents, noon conferences on surgical research, Denver CO

June 7 Run Steamboat Marathon, Steamboat Springs, CO

June 8 Chair Organizing Committee of new GSO (General Surgery Overseas) of HVO (Health Volunteers Overseas) Denver Health and Hospitals, Denver CO, elected overall GSO chairman and Program Director, Africa

June 11 Organize Breast Cancer Prevention Program for Cuba, MEDICC, Washington, DC

June 16 Breast Cancer Staging conference, St. Louis, MO

June 25—27 National Council International Health, now re-named “Global Health” annual conference Alexandria, VA

July 1—August 5 Central African Excursion for RSA, Kenya, DRC, Zim, Zam, RSA—work in Central African Congo as war recurs, and leave from Nairobi just as the US embassy is bombed

August 16—September 2 Arctic Exploration, Talkeetna Range mountains, Alaska

September 10—12 Medical Center Alumni Society program for 30th Anniversary of my UMMC Medical School Graduation, Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 17—October 4, ’98 Himalayan Spirit Medical Camps of Himalayan Health Exchange in Himachal Pradesh, India: Delhi, Simla, Serahan, Sangla, Kaza, Manali, Chandrigarh, Delhi, India

October 25 Marine Corps Marathon 23rd running, Washington DC

November 1 New York City, Marathon 29th running, the five Burroughs of New York City

December 7 Surgery Grand Rounds, Howard University Hospital “Third World Opportunity in Africa,” Howard University, Washington DC

December 17 “Endocrine Aspects of Complex Surgical Illness,” Su8rgery Grand Rounds, St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center, Youngstown, OH—followed by a Himalayan Health travelog

December 18 Visiting Professor in International Medical Education, University of Connecticut, Farmington/Hartford Hospitals “Himalayan Health—Medical Practice taken to new Heights,” Hartford, CT


January 5, 1999 Roundtable discussion with Phoenix Surgical Training Programs Chief Surgical Residents at Richardson’s, Phoenix, Arizona

January 6 Visiting Professor, Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix, Morbidity and Mortality Conference, and then give the Grand Rounds “Newer Approaches in Surgical Infections,” ICU Professorial Rounds, Maricopa County Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

January 6 Roundtable Discussion with University of Arizona and Tucson area chief surgical residents, Yanos’ Restaurant, Tucson, AZ

January 19, Board of Directors’ Meeting of the Wilderness First Aid, Alexandria

February 1 TV interview regarding Neanderthal Iodine Insufficiency with Brazilian TV crew and Jerome Dobson’s thesis, GWU

February 27 American College of Surgeons DC Chapter Meeting, Washington DC

February 28 21st BVI Annual Symposium, Tortola, BVI

March 5—11 “Horizons in Surgery” Keynote Speaker for the University of Colorado Department of Surgery Conference, Breckenridge, Colorado
Opening Presentation “American Surgery—the View from Washington”
“Crystalloid/Colloid Debate Revisited,” and group discussions

March 23—24 Work on Planning Breast Health Summit Conference for Cuba, Washington DC

March 26—27 Publishers’ Marketing Association Meeting in Charlottesville VA regarding “Out of Assa: Heart of the Congo” publication

April 6-7 Visiting Professor of Ohio Valley Medical Center, Wheeling WV; CME Conference for Wheeling Hospital Center’s Staff at Ernie’s Esquire Supper Club, Wheeling, WV

April 8 Global Health Council “Vertical Health Programs and Integration,” National Press Club, Washington DC

April 16—20 American Athletic Medical Association and the 103rd Running of the Boston Marathon, Boston, MA

April 26 Chair Annual Meeting of the International Society for Panetics, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC

May 4 GWU Faculty Club—assemble new Thesis Committee, Peter Caws chairing, Alison Brooks, Jerome Dobson, Harry Yeide, and Alfred Hitlebeitel

May 13—15 Discuss Linezolide Clinical Trials, PGA National Resort, West Palm Beach, FL

May 16 GWU Medical School Commencement Ceremonies, Hooding my student advisee Lee Dutton, and a final farewell run around the Derwood lakes

May 21—June 8 Western trip to Tucson, San Diego, Fountain Valley, Loma Linda, Denver, Steamboat Springs, and West Virginia

May 28 Attend Loma Linda Hooding Ceremony of Medical School Graduates, Loma Linda, CA

May 30 Graduation of Bonnie Geelhood, cousin—now the 2nd MD with the name—and heading toward a surgical residency in University of Colorado

June 4 Discuss Gastrinoma patient at Denver General Hospital, University of Colorado; I run Steamboat Marathon following Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego

June 7---8 Visiting Professorship, West Virginia

June 7 Raleigh County Medical Society’s CME Conference at Tamarack Center, South Theater, Beckley, West Virginia
June 8 “Thyroid Surgery” Surgery Grand Rounds at Marshall University Department of Surgery, Huntington, WV
“COX-II Inhibitors” Internal Medicine Noon Conference, Department of Medicine, Marshall University, Huntington, WV

June 12 Chair, as president, the National Capital Chapter of the Fulbright Association Annual Banquet, Potowmack Restaurant, Daingerfield Island, Inaugural lecture of incoming University of Maryland University College President, Gerald Hager

August 6—13 Wilderness Medical Society’s 3rd World Congress of Wilderness Medicine, Whistler’s, British Columbia

December 9—12 Visiting Professor University of Massachusetts, Berkshire Medical Center on “Surgical Neuroendocrinology”; “Gastrointestinal Bleeding;” “High Altitude Physiology,” Pittsfield, MA

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1990 - 1994


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1985 - 1989


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1975 - 1979


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1970 - 1974

51. Feb. 14,1974
"Biliary and Pancreatic Disease" Combined Sophomore Class Lecture, Ross Hall l0l

52. Feb. 22,1974
"Acute Abdomen" Sophomore Seminar, Ross Hall l0l

53 Feb. 27,1974
"Transplantation", Press Conference, Cabinet Room, Mayflower Hotel, Kidney Foundation - later broadcast on channel 9 TV

54. March 5,1974
Awarded 3rd Prize Burka Award, D. C. Medical Society for paper on Surgical Complications of Drug Abuse - awarded at Washington Hilton

55. March 13,1974
"Autotransfusion" Surgical Grand Rounds, G. W. Hospital Main Conference Room

56. March 14,1974
"Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms" G. W; Nursing Inservice Programs

57. March 29,1974
- "Blunt and Penetrating Abdominal Trauma", Surgical House Officer's Conference, G.W.U.

58. April 4,1974
"Membrane Lung Veno-Arterial Bypass in the Successful Management of Lethal Pulmonary Embolism in Primates", Plenary Session Paper, American Society Artificial Internal Organs Twentieth Annual Meeting, Grand Ballroom, Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois

59 April 13,1974
"In-situ Carcinoma of the Vagina Followir.g Treatment for Carcinoma of the Cervix: A Distinctive Clinical Entity", Annual Meeting of the James Ewing Society, Royal Lahaina Hotel, Mauii, Hawaii

60. April 24,1974
"Shock Lung: Clinical and Experimental Pathophysiology" William Beaumont Society Lecture, G.W.U.M.C., Ross Hall l0l

61. April 27,1974
"Breast Cancer", National Red Cross Lecture, Parkington, Arlington, Virginia

62. May 2,1974
"Respiratory and Hemodynamic Changes in Pulmonary Embolism" Cardiology Grand Rounds, G.W.U, Main Conference Room

63. May 2,1974
"surgical Treatment of Massive Pulmonary Embolism" Medicine Grand Rounds, G.W.U, Main Conference Room

64. May 29,1974
"Transplantation" Surgery Grand Rounds, G.W.U. Main Conference Room, lead panel discussion after presentation

65. May 30,1974
"Complications of Acupuncture".Presentation before D.C. City Council? D.C. Council Hall, Washington .

66 June 22-26,1974
"Complications of Intra-arterial Drug Abuse", Exhibit at AMA Clinical Convention, Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois

67. June 27,1974
"Surgical Oncology Adjunctive Protocols", presented at University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

68. July 23,1974
"Pressures on the Hospital House Officer", Participate in panel, conference on Pressures in Medicine, G.W.U. Medical Public Relations

69. Aug. 5,1974
"Surgical Procedures in Treatment of Primary Breast Cancer", Videotape "Everywoman" WTOP-TV, broadcast later on Channel 9 - TV

70. Aug. 6,1974
"Breast Self-Examination for Cancer Detection" Videotape ',Everywoman'' WTOP-TV, broadcast later as part II of series on Channel 9 - TV

71. Aug. 23,1974
"Current Controversies in Management of Breast Cancer", Live, talk show interview on "Everywoman", broadcast as part III of series on WTOP-TV, Channel 9

72. Oct. 7,1974
"Chest Surgery - Principles and Practice", I.C.U. course, G.W.U.

73. Oct. 9,1974
"Transplantation Immunology" Combined Grand Rounds of Immunology, Nephrology, Hematology, G.W.U.M.C.

74. Oct. 12,1974
"Medical/Surgical Complications of Drug Abuse" Maryland Medical Society, Baltimore, Maryland

75. Oct.20-25,1974
"Complications of Intra-arterial Drug Abuse", Exhibit at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Convention, Convention Hall, Miami Beach, Florida

76. Oct. 30,1974
"Aldosteronism: The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System", G.W.U. Nursing Inservice

77. Nov. 6,1974
"Surgical Nutrition and Hyperalimentation", G.W.U. Nursing Inservice

78. Nov. 6,1974
"Vascular Trauma" Sophomore Class Lecture, G.W.U. Ross Hall 101

79. Nov. 8,1974
"Clinical Effects of Membrane Lung Support on Cardiopulmonary-Functions" Southern Thoracic Surgical Association, Williamsburg, Virginia

80. Nov. 14,1974
"Staging Lymphoma" Panel presentation for sophomore class medical students with Dr. Larry Lessin, G.W.U. Ross Hall 101

81. Nov. 22,1974
"Cardiopulmonary Bypass" Surgical House Officer's Conference, G.W.U.

82. Nov. 25,1974
"Surgical Endocrinology" Conference at Hershey Medical Center of Penn State University, Hershey, Pennsylvania

83. Nov. 27,1974
"Autotransfusion for Hepatic Resection", Presented for Anesthesia Grand Rounds, G.W.U.

84. Dec. 3,1974
"Pulmonary Emergencies" Regional Respiratory Seminar, Washington, D.C. Interdisciplinary Conference on Respiratory Care


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1963 - 1969

1. July 10, 1963 - Chicago
Geelhoed, G.W. - "Carotid Sinus Control of respiration" University of Chicago Seminar in Physiology.

2. MARCH 29, 1966 - Ann Arbor
Geelhoed, G.W. - "Inhibition of Renin Secretion by Angiotensin II" - Alpha Omega Alpha Research Forum.

3. April 11, l966 - Ann Arbor
Geelhoed, G.W. - "The Serpernt Symbolism in Medicine" - Student American Medical Association First Place Essay Contest.

4.November 29, 1966 - Las Vegas
Geelhoed, G.W. - "On the Profession of Medicine" - Presentation of the first Place No-man A. Welch, M.D. Medical Ethics Essay before the AMA a House of Delegates.

5. March 28,1967 - Ann Arbor
Geelhoed, G.W. "The Role of Aldosterone in Renin Secretion." - Alpha Omega Alpha Research Forum.

6. April 1, 1967 - Ann Arbor
Geelhoed, G.W. - "The Early History of Syphilis and Its Treatment with Mercury" - Victor Vaughan Society presentation.

7. September, 1907 - Grand Rapids
Geelhoed, G.W. - "The Renin -Angiotensin - Aldosterone System: Physiology in Pregnency Parturition and Pre-eclampsia" - Presentation to affiliated hospitals Obstetrics group.

8. October 30 1967 - Ann Arbor
Geelhoed, G.W. - "Surgical Treatment for Adrenal Endocrine Disorders" - Presentation before the Surgery Honors Group.

9. April, 1968 - Takum, Nigeria
Geelhoed, G.W. - "Medical Adventure in the Nigerian Bush" - Report on an African Foreign. Fellowship to American Association of Medical Colleges.

10. March 8, 1969 - Boston
Geelhoed, G.W. - "Vascular Complications Of Filariasis" - Presentation at Peter Bent Brigham Vascular Surgery Rounds.

11. March 18, 1969 - Boston
Geelhoed G.W. and hawes, Lloyd - "Parncelsus acelsus" - Presented before the Boston Browning Society.

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